Effective Connections offers exceptional customer service in administrative, secretarial and personal services at reasonable rates. 

Effective Connections is owned and operated by Pamela Fenoff.  

Pam has over 25 years experience as a clerk / secretary / administrative and personal assistant.  She has worked in a variety of settings, from clerk to office manager, from small, one-man companies to large corporations.


Pam prides herself on exceptional customer service, high quality results and attention to detail. She has a wealth of experience in a wide-range of situations.


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About Effective connections

You’re in Luck: We’re Small


When you pay a big company, you’re paying for expensive advertising, salaries, commissions, etc. When you hire Pam, you'll save 30-50% of those costs. We’re paid per project, so there are no salaries or commissions, and advertising? We do our own, which must be pretty good, since you found us.

All Your Needs


From banners to brochures, as well as data entry and desktop publishing, Pam is experienced in many areas. Whatever your needs - update your resume, set up a spreadsheet, survey customers, plan and promote an event, format a document or create a presentation, you need look no further. 

administrative / secretarial / personAL services

Don’t Take Our Word For It


Check out the references on our home page, and you’ll understand why we stay busy and receive rave reviews. We know every client is completely unique with unique needs and purposes. We treat them as such, and they love us for it. We’re sure you’ll agree that Pam is the right assistant for you.

What can we do for you?


We’re always open to new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the list, let’s chat about the possibilities.

Give Pam a call to discuss your situation and see that we’re the perfect fit for your project. Chances are, we’ll not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. 

An example of this is that we recently added two new services...

Sewing and machine embroidery lessons... Pam has been sewing for decades and recently spent 15 months managing a sewing department at a quilt shop.  Embroidery machines are computerized now and quite sophisticated, with Pam's background in computer information systems, she learned quickly and is now proficient on a variety of sewing and embroidery machines and with many techniques.

Organizational assistance...  Pam is currently working on becoming a professional organizer.  She can assist you with decluttering, organization of any room (home office, hobby room, closets). filing systems, time management and more!