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The Lord is speaking to me through my writing...  I mean typing.  My fingers type as the words flow into my mind.   He has been telling me to do this for months and for no good reason I have been avoiding it.  On a recent road trip, I was listening to Rachel Hollis’ Girl Wash Your Face and she posed a question about gifts from God.... has “it/they” affected anyone?  I said out loud, without thought, “not yet”. 

I was shocked when I heard the words. I didn’t even think them!  The Lord spoke it through me.  Confirming what He has been telling me for months, that I need to be, am supposed to be, writing for Him.  That those words will have an impact. That I need to trust Him and sit my tuckus down and write every day.

When I wondered about the outlet, He’s been nudging me toward a blog.  So here I am, blogging for the Lord!

I pray that these words will find their way to you, when you need them and you will know that God is here for you, in every moment every day.